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Sunday, April 18, 2010




Joining an MLM company can be exciting and lead to unlimited earning potential, but there are things to be aware of when choosing your new business.

MLM over the years has been given a bad reputation, but many MLM COMPANIES have evolved over time and survived , despite two recessions and tough economy, No longer are Business oportunities such as these considered a pyramid scheme , as they were previsoulsy viewed .

Over the years, I have been obeseved with multi - level marketing and direct sales as a consultant. It has opened my eyes to whether a company is viable, managed well, and worth my time, and I have found that there are many bebefits of becoming a consultant with an MLM company , which I will share with you.

1. Low investment “0” Generally , you can become involved with a good, solid business opportunity for less than Rs. 1000.00 . If the start up fee is between Rs 1000.00 Rs. 2000.00 , you should expect free training , consultant support, webiste tools, and a great commission plan. I usually don’t waste my time and efforts on programs with a low start up fee, as these vital business tools are not in place and commissions tend to be lower.

2. No overhead - great earning potential and no large business expenses. No need to pay rent on a brick and mortar store, no utility bills, no need to carry and store large amounts of inventory.

3. Free training - You are marketing a product with someone else’s name on it. You should expect free training for your investment and your expertise.

4. Unlimited earning potential - You can earn as much as you want, based on your efforts.

5. Degree not required - you don’t need a college degree to earn money, and the earning potential is not based on your education. The training is provided, and all you really need is good common sense, and the ability to be coached.

6. Self employment - you cannot be fired, outsourced, or laid off.

7. Additional income - you can supplement you income, or replace it. That’s up to you. We all like a little extra cash sometimes !

8. Bonuses - how many jobs have you had that offer free vacations, cars, and jewlery based on your performance .

9. Flexibility - You work the hours you want to work, absed on your needs and the need of your family. If you need a day off, you don’t have to ask !

10. Achievement and self esteem - You can feel proud of your achievements and pat yourself on the back for a job well done. Doing well is a great boost to your self esteem.

Although MLM is rapidly becoming an acceptable means of employment, there are some things to watch for when choosing a company, and some red flags you should be aware of.

1. Avoid “get rich quick” schemes - If something sounds too good to be true, is usually is . Ther is no way to get rich quick. If someone tells you you will , run to the nearest exit.

2. pressure to quit your job - A good MLM company will not pressure or encourage you to quit your job, they will counsel you on a plan to reach that goal.
3. Required to purchase large amounts of inventory - This should be a red flag ! There is no need to purchase.



Top 100 MLM Companies:

1. Amway 2. Avon 3. Mary kay 4. Herbalife 5. NuSkin
6. MelaeucE 7. Usana 8. MonaVie 9. Nikken 10. Shaklee
11. ACNI 12. The Pampered Chef 13. Neways 14. Forever Living
15. Tupperware 16. Isagenix 17. Tahitian Noni 18. XanGo
19. SISEL Intl 20. Arbonne 21. Pharmanex 22. Sunrider
23. Oriflame 24. Cambridge Diet 25. Young Living
26. Creative memories 27. Stampin Up 28. Body Wise
29. Prepaid Legal 30. Excel Communicaitons 31. Jafra
32. Big Planet 33. Agel 34. Nature’s Sunshine 35. Unicity
36. Primerica 37. Nuriche 38. Mannatech39. Synergy
40. World Financial Group 41. Waiora42. Partylite
43. Univera 44. Genesis Pure 45. Vemma 46. Max Intl
47. eFusjon 48. Zrii 49. MXI corporation 50. Exfuse
51. Beauti control 52. 4 Life Research 53. Juice Pluse 54. Freelife Intl
55. Omega Trend 56. New Vision 57. Longaberger 58. Strlight Intl
59. Matol 60. Color me Beautiful 61. World Ventures 62. cookie Lee
63. Frutaiga 64. Send Out Cards 65. Zija 66. Zoegetics
67. Scentsy 68. Nutrisource Intl 69. Aloette 70. AMS Health Sciences
71. Avalla 72. Sibu 73. Reliv 74. Baywood Intl 75. U First Financial
76. Do Terra 77.Trivani Intl 78. Drink Act 79. Youngevity
80. Omnitrition 81. Fragrant Earth
82. Innerlight 83. Original Limu 84. Projoba 85. Nutronix Intl
86. Lifestyles 87. Ignite 88. Advocare 89. Lia Sophia
90. Longaberger 91. Zavita 92. Prestige Travel Service
93. Lifes Miracle 94. Heritage Health 95. Primerica
96. Kaire 97. Latasia 98. GNLd 99. Amazon herb
100. Via Viente