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Sunday, April 18, 2010



Are you dare to estimate the power of Home based business of Japan.

Let us lear from Japan

Jaan is the world’s second largest economy. Japanese households holkd $ 15 trillion dollars in savings and this numebr is still growing.
The country has one of the world’s highest percapita income. And its growth rates continue to exceed those of many other developed economies, including U.S.A.
Japanese consumers excessively indebted, if it would be occured, they loosing their homes to forced closure.

Tens of thousands of private Japanese companies are still large and viable competitors in the their industries.
Japan’s locla governments are increasing their spending on efficiency inifiatives, e-Government , systems and out sourcing. Japan’s having technical manpwoer and skilled people.

What is the secrete of Japan’s success story. Many distinguseshed personatities and economic experts said so many times on international dias ..... ’’ perfect , stabilised and forever growth home industries and home based business are the secrete of Janpan’s success ”
Every home in the Japan have one or more home based industries . 

 Hom based business those may be elcetronic industry or electrical or industrial goods or commercial goods or any one so far.

Home based business playing vital role in Japan’s economy you dare to ask what about India ?


Home based business - China’s strategy
Are you ready to learn some from Micro , Small and world’s medium enterprises sector has been recognised as an engine of growth of china’s economy. 

Small enterprises sector palys improtant role in sustaining the economic growht in china over the decades. The small scale industries in china has progressed form the production of consumer goods, electrical and electronic goods, etc.

The Government of china has been encouraging and supporting home based industries, Home based business, village and cottage industries , micro , small and medium industries as like as Multi national companies.

The government of china never been omitted or discoraged the home based business in any manner at any time. 

Still today the china Government giving high priority to hone based business in the form of technical , infrastructural suport, technology up gradation, financial support , liberal licensing, libaral polices marketing support etc.

Due to abvoe facts china’s economic growth is sitll continuing and chinese percapita income also increasing year to year.